A Guide to Kitchen Colour Schemes

White and Natural Wood have long been the most popular kitchen colour options amongst homeowners, perhaps because they are kitchen colours that you can’t go wrong with or maybe it’s because you can use any other accent colours of your choosing with them. However, they’re by no means your only options. At Howarth At Home, we love helping customers find the perfect shade to complement your home.

Why is kitchen colour so important?

Space. Colour can play an incredibly vital role when it comes to space. For small kitchen colour schemes, painting your ceiling one or two shades lighter than the walls can help to create the illusion of more space. On the other hand, you will probably want to avoid dark shades, as these can be claustrophobic if you are working with a small space.

For larger kitchens, however, a darker shade of paint can pull a ceiling down and create a space that is cosy.

Mood. Perhaps you are looking for a kitchen that oozes warmth and draws your friends and family in like a safe blanket, in which case you might opt for bolder blues and yellows. Or, maybe you want to create a space that is relaxed and will perhaps be drawn more to the subdued beige and sage type shades. Our paint to order ranges allow you to choose the perfect mood for your needs.

Breathe Life into your Kitchen. Adding accent colours can help to breathe extra life into kitchens, particularly if your cabinets are neutral.

Bright Yellow Splashbacks

Complementing Trends. Rose gold, copper and brass are incredibly popular kitchen trends in 2018, particularly for sinks, taps and handles. As these are such vivid colours, getting the right shade of cabinet door can be essential to achieving the perfect look for your kitchen. As you can imagine, there really is no middle ground with this trend.

Choose pale cabinets in White or Ivory if you want your distinctive accessories to be a toned down and subtle part of your kitchen. However, if you are keen to create a look that is more eye-catching, you might want to choose one of our paint to order colour options, perhaps in Painted Anthracite or if you are opting for a Laura Ashley kitchen, why not try the stunning Midnight Blue?

Where to add Kitchen Colour

Kitchen Cabinets. The most obvious place to add colour, choose one of our paint to order kitchens from the Autograph collection.

Walls. This could include painting entire walls or creating accents with tiles. Use wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall in your kitchen.

Flooring. Whether you love wood, laminate or tiles for your flooring, this is a discreet way of adding colour and charm.

Splashbacks. Available in Laminate or Glass, splashbacks can bring easy colour into the kitchen, especially if you have chosen a neutral shade for your cabinets.

Kitchen Appliances. Whilst some kitchen appliances are most popularly referred to as “white goods”, it is becoming increasingly common for them to be available in a wider range of colours including black, grey, red etc.

Accessories. If you like to change the overall colour scheme of a room to suit different moods, seasons etc, then accessories are a simple method of doing that.


Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger