Pricing Examples

This page is intended to provide an approximate guide* to prices. We recommend contacting your showroom to receive a personalised quotation.

8 Unit Kitchen

The layout above consists of 500mm base unit, 1000mm base unit, 1000mm corner base unit, 600mm pan drawer unit (3 drawers), 600mm wall unit, 600mm wall unit, 600mm over cooker hood unit and a 600mm built under housing.

All Howarth At Home kitchen ranges are grouped into price bands from 1 to 6, as shown on each individual range page. As a price guide, at recommended retail prices, this typical kitchen layout would cost* the following:

Band Standard Assembled (ex VAT) Premium Assembled (ex VAT)
Price Band 0 £1305.97 £1420.95
Price Band 1 £1525.31 £1661.11
Price Band 2 £1809.93 £1971.80
Price Band 3 £1857.07 £2023.68
Price Band 4 £1993.77 £2169.06
Price Band 5 £2120.87 £2309.12
Price Band 6 £2270.84 £2799.15
Inline 0 £1436.23 £1551.21
Inline 1 £1668.07 £1803.91
Inline 2 £1952.69 £2114.55
Inline 3 £1999.84 £2166.41
Linear 1 - £1953.45
Linear 2 - £2294.14
Linear 3 - £2419.36

Please note. Prices shown exclude the sink and appliances but include units (Innotech drawer boxes), 188mm bar handles, 40mm post-formed worktop and cabinet matched plinth.
Of course, the cost of a kitchen will vary depending on the size and layout of your room, the style of units you prefer and your chosen accessories and finishing touches.
Please contact your nearest showroom to receive a personalised quotation.

*Prices are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your showroom to receive a personalised quotation based on your requirements.