Meet the Designer: Jasmin Brewer

As we move into an exciting new year, we continue our series of Meet the Designer blog posts, introducing our fantastic team of Designers. This month we meet Jasmin Brewer who works with Dave Bushby in our Leeds Howarth at Home showroom.

All About The Job:

How Did You Get Started in This Career?

After studying Interior Design at Huddersfield University I wanted to get into the retail side of the design sector so it made perfect sense to jump into the world of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Working for small independent kitchen companies to build up my experience and knowledge of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry within retail to get where I am today.

How Long Have You Been In This Career?

I have been in this career for the past five years now, gaining my experience and knowledge within small independent companies, building up my training since leaving university. Then moving on to running the CAD Department creating all the visual and drawing packs for customers. Then going on to being a design consultant designing beautiful kitchens for the retail sector.

I have now been with Howarth Timber just over a year as a Kitchen Design Consultant.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

The one thing I enjoy most about my job here at Howarth Timber is getting involved with the customers. I love getting the customer excited about their design and creating new innovative designs to suit the customers’ requirements for their dream kitchen. Being a people person, the design stage is my favourite. Exploring new ideas, new trends, what’s coming into fashion, what the latest kitchen gadgets are.

Which Is Your Favourite Kitchen Range, And Why?

My favourite kitchen would have to be one from the Laura Ashley range. Definitely the in-frame kitchen called Harbury, it’s a in-frame slab door and looks absolutely beautiful in the Laura Ashley Midnight Blue colour. The craftsmanship of the Laura Ashley Kitchens are just stunning; the detail on the drawers and hinges make a real touch to their range of kitchens.

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give Someone Thinking About Buying A Kitchen?

I think the best advice to give anyone thinking about having a new kitchen would be to definitely plan in advance, as it may surprise you at how long the process takes to design your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and to pick every item. Plus, there is sooooo much to choose from and so many options; that’s why we have designers on hand to help you narrow down your choices depending on your preference and what works best with the space, design and layout. So, there is a lot to consider when thinking about buying a new kitchen.

Getting To Know You:

Who or What Inspires You?

All my customers inspire me, sounds ridiculous but its true. Every customer is completely different, they all like different things from one to the next. I love getting different customers opinions about different layouts and design as everyone is different and you always get a different outcome. So yeah the customers are the most inspirational as they come to us with the best ideas to suit their needs.

Where Is Your Favourite Place In The World?

Scotland is definitely my favourite place in the world, last year myself and my partner did the NC500 round the Scottish Highlands and back round in a Camper Van over two weeks. We ended up doing 2,000 Miles so was the NC2000. I love the countryside and seeing the beautiful lochs and hillsides. This was one of the best trips I have been on, constantly on the road exploring all the secrets of Scotland. Especially Apple Cross & Achmelvich Beach, yes, a Beach in Scotland & it was beautiful.

What Was The Last Film or TV Series You Watched?

When it comes to TV and Films I am a bit of a Geek! I absolutely love Amazing Interiors, Tiny Houses, Best Design Interiors on Netflix. Being an Interior designer I could sit and watch these all day. When it comes to films I love a good old scary film, so the last one I watched was called The Nun. Brilliant story liner and of course it made me jump out of my skin but that’s the fun in horror films.

The Most Important Question:

Is It A Cob, Bun, Bread Cake or Something Else Entirely?

Oh well this is a huge debate, I have moved from many different areas in the UK and this catches me out every time, I always say Barm Cake – Like please could I have a chip barm, I know people from Yorkshire shame me when I say it but that’s what I’ve always called it haha! You say potato, I say potato 😊

Pay Jasmin a visit at the Leeds branch to discuss all of your kitchen design needs.